Download Link Generator for Drive™

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This Drive™ extension/add-on lets you generate direct download links for the files in your Drive™ storage. Simply right click the file/folder in your Drive™ and select Open with->Download Link Generator. When a folder is selected, download links for all the files in that folder are generated. If Download Link Generator button isn't present, then you may first need to authorize this extension by clicking the Authorize button below.

For the generated download links to work everywhere, you need to make the file/folder public. To do this, you can right click the file/folder, select Get link and change visibility from Restricted to Anyone with the link.

Privacy Notice (click to expand)

This extension accesses the metadata of the selected file/folder and reads its download link from that metadata. All communications with the Drive™ servers is handled via the official Drive™ Javascript API and your Drive™ data is not stored in any way in our databases. This extension's use of information received from Google APIs adheres to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Regarding the "See information about your Google Drive files" permission asked during the authorization:

This extension is hosted at website and is subject to its Privacy Policy.

Status: connecting to Drive™ servers, please wait... (If nothing happens, please make sure that pop-ups are enabled and try again since authorization is handled via a pop-up)