Download Link Generator for Dropbox

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This Dropbox extension/add-on lets you generate direct download links for the files in your Dropbox storage.

Privacy: This extension accesses the metadata of the target file/folder and reads its download link from that metadata. All communications with the Dropbox servers is handled via the official Dropbox Javascript SDK and your Dropbox data is not stored in any way in our databases. This extension is hosted at website and is subject to its Privacy Policy.

How it works: Using the Dropbox Javascript SDK, after you authenticate this extension, a number of queries are sent to the path you provide:

If auto sharing is enabled, any unshared file(s) at the path will automatically be shared publicly. Note that using this app on a very large folder might yield API errors for sending too many requests to the server.

Example path image

In the example image above, the path of the selected file is Photoshop/Web3/HTML/index.html and its parent directory's path is Photoshop/Web3/HTML/