Sneaky Snake

Snake game that you missed from your old phones, now in your next-gen phone!

We represent to you Sneaky Snake, a snake game designed for touchscreen devices with vivid graphics!

Various Control Options

  • Finger Swipe Mode: Swipe your finger in an axis to move in that direction
  • Static Touch Mode: Touch to an edge of the screen to move in that direction
  • Relative Touch Mode: Touch somewhere relative to snake’s position to move in that direction
  • 1-3-7-9 Mode: Press 1 to move left or up, 3 to move right or up, 7 to move left or down, 9 to move right or down
  • Virtual Keypad: Use the virtual arrow keys to move the snake

2-player support (on the same device)!

Different Game Modes

  • Classic Mode: Eat the food, avoid your tail and beat the record
  • Tail Hunt Mode: Eat your opponent’s tail to get points while protecting your own tail